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PAC Newsletters and Information

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to promote and support education and to contribute to a sense of school community. PAC meetings give parents and school staff a time and place to talk about how to work cooperatively. 

All parents and guardians of students registered at Blue Jay Elementary are voting members of the PAC

The PAC contributes to,

  • School Growth Plans - Goals
  • School spirit
  • School fund-raising and needs

Please remember, the Parent Advisory Council is for ALL parents/guardians.

Contact the PAC at

Congratulations to the new PAC Executives for 2023/24!

PAC Executives:

  • President - Melissa Crowhurst
  • Vice President - Pretty Grewal
  • Treasurer - Kim Tran 
  • Secretary - Melissa Crowhurst
  • DPAC Representative - Kim Tran and Pretty Grewal
  • South Asian Liaison - Pretty Grewal


Coordinator positions available, please contact the PAC.


Volunteering at Blue Jay Elementary

At Blue Jay Elementary we know that our school is a better place because of the help we get from parents, grandparents, and members of our local community. As a team, we benefit from your help, but even greater is the impact that your help has on our student population. If you would like to volunteer please see the attached pdf file- Steps to Becoming a Volunteer 

Thank you so much for all that you do!