Marathon running race, large group of runners

The Home Stretch: Finishing Strong

June 4, 2024

Many years ago, as I trained for my first marathon, one of my mentors—a seasoned runner with countless marathons behind him—shared invaluable wisdom about the importance of finishing strong. He emphasized the need to maintain enough energy to cross the finish line with a smile and a strong pace, regardless of how the race began.

I can still recall his words echoing in my mind: “Remember, it’s not about how you start the marathon; it’s about how you finish. Finish strong.”

On the day of the race, everything seemed to be going smoothly until I reached kilometre 37. With just five kilometres remaining, my legs felt numb, and I struggled to keep moving forward. Yet, with the encouragement of my running partner and fellow marathoners, I persevered, crossing the finish line with my arms raised, achieving my sub-four-hour goal by the narrowest of margins. That experience left an indelible mark on me, reinforcing the importance of finishing strong in all endeavours.

As June unfolds, it feels akin to the final kilometres of a long run. The metaphorical finish line is within sight, but now is not the time to ease up. With my years of experience in education, I can confidently assert that June represents a unique blend of excitement, exhaustion, and anticipation. For both staff and parents, it can seem like the longest month of the year, yet it also offers a valuable opportunity for reflection and celebration. For our students, it's a critical time to maintain focus, seize opportunities, and tie up loose ends.

As we embark on this final stretch, I urge everyone to support one another, celebrate small victories, and nurture the spirit of collaboration. This month is not merely about reaching the end; it's about concluding the year on a high note, filled with a sense of fulfillment and pride in our accomplishments. We are in this together, and you have our unwavering support. Many of you are on the verge of a well-deserved break. Until then, keep pushing forward and finish strong!