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Study Tips


We believe that students should do some kind of homework after school or in the evening to help them develop good study habits. However, they also need time to play and participate in community activities such as sports teams, clubs and music programs. 

Teachers assign homework to practice a skill, to complete work or projects and to read regularly.

School district policy recommends the following homework schedule:

  • Kindergarten to Gr. 3:  Parent support of the home reading program, (at least 10 to 15 minutes per night).  Try not to skip a day; make reading a habit. At times there may be short assignments that are assigned by the classroom teacher.
  • Gr. 4 to 5:  an average of 20 to 45 minutes of steady work per night.

Parents can help by:

  • setting aside a particular time and place to study
  • taking an interest in what the student has learned that day.

Parents are expected to go over their child(ren)’s planner to make sure the child understands the homework assignment, and check to see that it is done to her/his best ability.

  • If signing the planner is a requirement in your child’s class, please do so.
  • The planner also serves as a communication log between school and home.  Please feel free to write notes to the teacher in the planner.