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PAC Newsletters and Information

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council(P.A.C.)is to promote and support education and to contribute to a sense of school community. P.A.C. meetings give parents and school staff a time and place to talk about how to work cooperatively. 

All parents and guardians of students registered at Blue Jay Elementary are voting members of the P.A.C.

The P.A.C. contributes to:

  • School Growth Plans - Goals
  • school spirit
  • fund-raising and needs.

Please remember, the Parent Advisory Council is for ALL parents/guardians.

Contact the P.A.C. at

P.A.C. for 2017-2018

PAC Executives:
PAC President -Jolene Mackesy

PAC Vice President -Amberlee Olson

Treasurer - Nicole McIlravey

PAC Secretary –Lorie Jensen

Acting DPAC Representative - Loveleen Mann 

PAC Coordinators: 

Fundraising Coordinator

Hot Lunch -  Kim Gimson

Book Fair Coordinator - Lorie Jensen

Fruit & Veggie Program - Jen McLaughlin
Milk Program - Gina Saani

Popcorn Program - Puneet Gill

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